Important Information

Please use this website to place all cord, tassel, stole, and medal/medallion
orders and submit graduation date/time/place for announcements.

Please keep the following in mind when placing your order.

Payment Information

Purchase Order Numbers (PO#), or credit cards must be provided at the time the order is submitted. For institutions that do not utilize PO#s, submit your order online and call our office to provide payment in full by credit card. Orders without PO#s, or paid by credit cards WILL NOT be complete or begin to process until payment in full is received by credit card or a PO# provided.

Order Lead Time

We can not guarantee to meet need by date without adequate lead-time.

Orders require a 30 business day lead time prior to need by date to avoid additional fees.

Orders are shipped to arrive on your need by date.

All orders submitted with a need by date that is less than the 30 business day lead by time will be subject to additional shipping charges. Shipping charges to include air transportation and expedited handling fees.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are estimated and subject to change on final invoice.

Color Chart- Cords

Color Chart- Cords


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