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Senior Photography

Once you have gone over all the session options, you will have an idea of what session you would like to choose. All senior portrait sessions include your formal yearbook image that will appear in your school’s yearbook.

HJ Virginia Photo provides you with the formal yearbook attire.

Guys: Please bring or wear a white undershirt to have on under the tux we provide for you.

Ladies: Please bring a strapless or spaghetti strap tank-top to wear under the drape we provide for you. You can also wear your favorite necklace or use one of the pearl necklaces that we have at our studio.

It is all about you and your choices! You can bring anything that shows off your personality and expresses who you are. Props can include sports uniforms and equipment, and musical instruments.

We provide the cap & gown for you!

 Feel free to call our office at 804-256-3246.

Session fees are paid at the time of your appointment.

Of course, it is all about the details!

Glasses: Glasses can distort the shape of your eyes and face in photographs. You may want to borrow a pair of lens-less frames for your sitting (no glass glare).

Tan Lines/Sunburn: Tans look fantastic, but sunburns do not. We recommend you avoid the sun the last couple of days before your portrait session

Clothing: Group your outfits together ON HANGERS. Clothing in a bag or laid over your arms will become wrinkled and will not look good in your portraits.

Fingernails: They show! We recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session.

Ladies: Practice your hair and makeup! Bring makeup and hair products for touch-ups.

Guys: If you are someone that shaves, shave the day of your session. Get your hair cut about a week or so before your appointment.

Give us a call at (804) 256-3246 or email us at we are here to help!

If your child is a senior, they should have gotten their online code upon check in to their session. If you have any questions or need help finding your student’s code, feel free to contact us at


Underclass Photography

Yes, this is your yearbook photo.

If you were absent on picture day, you will be able to take your photo on the scheduled retake day. Note: Spring Pictures do not have retake day.

You can pay on our website: with a credit card. When doing so, you will need your student’s online code.

Of course! You will receive an insert with a proof of the picture that includes your online code.

To find your student’s online code, feel free to contact us at with your student’s name, school and grade.

Give us a call at (804) 256-3246 or email us at, we are here to help!

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